Thursday, February 17, 2005

Information forcefeed

Okay, here is a personal gripe with these blue-screens they show incessantly on the plane-rides over oceans (or huge tracts of land). Never mind the quickly diminishing novelty of knowing my ground speed and outside temperature, I really rather NOT know, especially after enduring an eternity of a primal scream festival by the 2-year old in front of me, that I have exactly 6 hours and 04 minutes left to go!

Although I do enjoy the little stick-figure airplane at the end of the red line showing the exact location of Yalta inrelation to Ankara, or where exactly Timbuktu is, which may become useful trivia someday, I rather not be constantly reminded of the duration of my “life is suffering” experience.

My counter measure normally is to avert my eyes, but can’t they issue special eye-glasses for minutia enthusiasts who like to examine the see-saw duel of the minutes elapsed and minutes remaining or the excruciatingly slow extension of the red line over the vast ocean?

There are times though that even averting my eyes is not enough, because the ‘helpful’ smelly man next to me (yes always old smelly men, and never more pleasing individuals to spark a romantic comedy routine) will blurt out:

-Well, we have only 4 hours and 20 minutes to go.